Organize Nile Stock Market Registration

We provide all services associated with registering your company in Nile Stock Market. So if your company is making adequate profit on an annual basis and positive cash flow, the management and shareholders of the company can benefit from increasing the book & nominal value of the company by calculating the fair value of the company assets (fair value of the company stock which matches the success of the company). The company can benefit from the increased fair value of its stocks (and assets) in receiving finance (other than that from banks and financial institutions with interest) by applying to register in Nile Stock Market for small and medium size companies. The following are information about the Nile Stock Market for small & medium size companies and benefits associated with companies registering in such stock market.


What is the Nile Stock Market for small and medium size companies?

The Nile Stock Market was established in 2007 and started its operations in June 2010. It is the first market in the Middle East and North Africa to register stocks related to small and medium size companies with capital not exceeding 50 million Egyptian pounds as a maximum. The Nile Stock Market provides finance opportunities for companies with successful profitability and strong financial assets in industrial, agricultural, construction and services sectors. The Nile Market is considered a tool to help the management of family owned business in the capital market to help the succession plan for such firms and its continued success.


What are the benefits of registering your company in the Nile Stock market?

-       Provide necessary finance to the company without any banking required collaterals or assets or complicated procedures or finance costs which may not be acceptable for the company.    


-       Determine the fair value of the company’s stock either when issuing the stocks in the Nile Stock Market or through dealing in stock, after they are issued taking into consideration that the fair value of the stock is determined through adequate profitable and positive liquidity on an annual basis to reflect efforts and good business opportunities of the company’s management.


-       Maximizing the market value of the company capital in the stock market which provides support for management when dealing with banks, financial institution, supplies, creditors and other third parties.


-       Better disclosure and transparency of the company’s results and financial position based on the registering of the company with Nile Stock Market.


-       Facilitate merger opportunity with other companies to establish bigger organizational structures either in the form of production, sales and competition in the local and foreign markets.



-       Facilitate the exits of any shareholder at any time from the company or the ability to receive the adequate finance from prospective investors related with purchase and sale of the company’s shares at market prices.